Hillside villa

Simply magical

The ideal location for exclusive weddings, enchanting events, unforgettable experiences, fulfilling your lifelong dreams.

Hotel Villa Traiano

Viale dei Rettori, 9 82100 Benevento

Make your event unique

The Taburno Camposauro massif tinged with the pink of a magical sunset will remain with you forever.

The Villa

Timeless charm

Nestling in the green landscape of the ancient region of Sannio, the villa looks out over the valley of the Sabato river and the whole town.
The view is simply breathtaking:
the winding curves of the surrounding hills and mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. And in the evening, these gentle hills are decorated with a delicate lacework of myriad lights, you will feel all the festive magic of this unique and special place.
Full of incredible sights and views, the villa is ideal for celebrating a moving and symbolic garden ceremony.

Let your heart take you by the hand to party in the beautiful green of the gardens, on the panoramic terraces; dine and dance by the pool until late into the night!